Florida Found Just One Illegally Registered Voter in Its Voter Crackdown

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Florida's hunt to find non-citizens registered as voters has turned up one Canadian — probably not what Governor Rick Scott was expecting. The information, which comes via David Frum and The Globe and Mail puts an almost humorously ironic ending on a controversial situation. As the Washington Post, the effort has been plagued with problems since Scott, a Republican, conceived the idea early in his tenure, and has resulted in lawsuits, and accusations from Democrats of attempts to keep minorities and poor people from voting. As Paul Koring at The Globe and Mail explained, the man caught, Josef Sever "– who is white, of Austrian ancestry and became a Canadian citizen in 1979 – hardly fit the profile of Democrat-leaning Hispanic alien." Sever voted in both 2004 and 2008. It's not kown who he voted for, but Frum notes, "with his Austrian accent and fondness for guns, he's missing only a few documents, a bank account, and a movie career to qualify him as Gov. Scott's possible successor."

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