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The Democratic National Committee does not have a lot of cash on hand. Nope, not very much at all. They only have $7.1 million on hand, as Politico's Tarini Parti reports. How much does the Republican National Committee have? Ten times that much. 

Yesterday we explained how the Romney campaign may have been fudging the numbers a little when they reported $100+ million monthly hauls in  JuneJuly and August (which proved to be false) because the campaign was combining their reported their reported fundraising numbers with the Republican National Committee's. 

Well, now we know the inverse of that scenario. While the Obama campaign has enjoyed relatively huge fundraising hauls, the DNC has not. They only raised $13.6 million in August, and spent $22 million. Now, leading into the home stretch of the election, the DNC only has $7.1 million to the RNC's $75.6 million. 

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