Diversity Roundup: Voter ID Law Impact on Latino Turnout Could Be Exaggerated

Childhood Obesity Linked to Race, Ethnicity: Minority children have a greater risk of being overweight, according to a study reported on by Medical News Today, which also found links between obesity, ethnicity, immigrant status and socioeconomic status. Socioeconomic status is a risk factor of obesity in white children but not a deciding factor for minority children, the study also found.

Voter ID Law Impact on Latino Turnout Could Be Exaggerated: Recent assertions that voter ID laws in several states would disenfranchise as many as 10 million Hispanic voters may be exaggerated, Voxxi.com reports. The number, released by civil rights group Advancement Project, was incorrectly inflated and included states where such laws have been put on hold, says Arturo Vargas of the National Association of Elected and Appointed Officials.

N.C. Sheriff Refuses Settlement, Sets Up Battle with Justice Dept.: Terry Johnson, the Alamance County sheriff, will not enter a settlement with the Justice Department after allegations of illegally arresting Latinos without probable cause to boost deportations, the Associated Press reports. The refusal to settle gives room for the federal administration to sue the North Carolina sheriff.

NAACP Alleges NYC School Admissions Are Discriminating: The NAACP plans to file a complaint against New York's most distinguished public high schools alleging its admissions tests are effectively discriminating against black and Latino students, the New York Daily News reports. The document, filed with the Education Department, alleges that the test, which is the only method used to judge admission, disproportionately discriminates against black students, who are admitted at a rate of 5 percent, and Latinos, at a rate of 6.7 percent. In comparison, 31 percent of white students and 35 percent of Asian students are admitted.