Diversity Roundup: Survey Shows Most Americans Believe in Negative Stereotypes of Latinos

Survey Shows Most Americans Believe in Negative Stereotypes of Latinos: More than 30 percent of non-Latinos believe the majority of Latinos in America are undocumented, and more than half believe Latinos are less educated welfare recipients, according to a new survey reported on by NBC Latino. These negative perceptions are contrasted by a large majority--90 percent-- of non-Latinos who believe that Latinos are family-oriented and hardworking (81 percent).

Engineering Deans Reiterate Importance of Increasing Diversity in STEM Fields: Engineering deans at minority-serving institutions are working with business leaders and education advocates, calling for new strategies that would increase the number of graduates of color in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields, Diverse Issues in Higher Education reports. Some suggestions include a bill that would provide more scholarships and low-interest loans targeted to STEM programs, increasing cooperation between minority-serving colleges and major research universities and more.

Latino, African-American Students Continue to Lag Behind: Many Latino and African-American high school graduates have math and reading skills on par with 13-year-old white students, reiterating the huge achievement gap between white and minority students, according to a study reported on by Voxxi. In all, one in four high school seniors do not meet basic reading standards; one in three don't have math proficiency.

Feds Begin Approving First Wave of Deferred Immigrant Youth: The Homeland Security Department is expected to grant its first wave of approvals for the Obama administration's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, just a few short weeks officials began accepting applications from eligible young illegal immigrants, the Associated Press reports.