Diversity Roundup: State Voting Restrictions Could Affect 10 Million Hispanics

State Voting Restrictions Could Disenfranchise 10M Hispanics: Recent state efforts to purge voter rolls and enact voter ID legislation could prevent 10 million U.S. Hispanics from reaching the polls in November, the Associated Press reports. The figures are based on an analysis released by civil rights group The Advancement Project.

Racial Segregation in Schools Is Still a Problem: Racial segregation between white student populations and black and Latino populations are growing according to a series of reports as reported on by The Washington Post. For example, 15 percent of black students and 14 percent of Latino students attend schools where whites make up between zero and 1 percent of the student body.

Chicago Schools Sees More Immigrant Parent Involvement: A local community group in Chicago is credited for helping immigrant parents stay more involved with their children's education, including getting them in the classrooms and volunteering with the schools, NBC Latino reports.

Illegal Immigrants Ramp Up Protests in Arizona: More illegal immigrants in Arizona are lashing out against the state's harsh immigration laws, wearing T-shirts that proclaim their illegal status and protesting in streets, The Arizona Republic reports. Many of the protesters have been arrested, but federal authorities have thus far declined to deport any of them.