Deferred-Action Application Update: More than 82,000 young illegal immigrants have applied for deferred action on their deportation status since the federal government began accepting applications a month ago, USA Today reports. So far, 29 applications have been approved and 16,000 applications have been screened and readied for full review.

Study Finds Rising Trend of Disconnected Youth: Phoenix, Ariz., Miami and Detroit top the list of the 25 largest metropolitan cities with the largest percentages of disconnected youth--those who are not working or in school--a growing trend that could lead to a lower self-sufficiency and higher dependency on government resources, according to a study as reported on by the Huffington Post. Among all youths, 14 percent are disconnected and African-American youths have the highest rate of disconnection, at 22.5 percent, according to the study.

How Demographics by Zip Code Offers Closer Look at Politics: Breaking down political leanings by zip code could provide a deeper understanding of how the November election may be decided. For example, Nevada's residents are just slightly more conservative than the national average, SmartBrief reports.

Asians Average on Top in National Academic Exams: Asian eighth graders outperformed other racial groups on the National Assessment of Educational Progress exams--considered the "gold standard" measurement of student achievement, Huffington Post reports. Among 12th graders, Asians, white students and students of two or more races performed on similar levels, while African-American and Hispanic students performed the lowest in both grades. The largest gap, however, was between the genders--female students in both grades on average scored higher than their male counterparts, CNN reports.

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