Diversity Roundup: Dems Keep Focused on Wooing Latino Voters

To keep up on the latest diversity news from the Democratic National Convention, check out our dedicated gallery of related coverage.

Dems Keep Focused on Wooing Latino Voters: Even as polls show the majority of Latino voters support President Obama, the Democratic convention is still fighting to attract and energize the potentially large voting bloc that could be the deciding factor of the election, McClatchy reports. San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro gave the keynote address at the convention, which included close to 800 Latino delegates--the highest at any presidential convention.

Northern Virginia County Sees Student Population Swell: School enrollment in one Virginia county has grown more than 9 percent in the past five years, increasing at a faster rate than its district and resources can handle, the Washington Post reports. Fairfax County educators are now tasked to ensuring its already limited resources can accommodate the higher number of students from poor families or who speak English as a second language.

Immigrant Struggles to Be Called Black: A Detroit immigrant, who came to the U.S. from Egypt in 1978, is fighting to get his racial classification changed to black, The Grio reports. The 61-year-old identifies as with both black and African identities but says the U.S. classified him as white on government papers when he immigrated to the U.S. He claims he has suffered from racial discrimination, but has also lost out on opportunities for minorities because of his racial classification.

Undocubus Protestors Arrested: Charlotte, N.C., police arrested 10 activists who arrived at the Democratic National Convention on the so-called Undocubus, a bus that traveled across the country promoting its No Papers No Fear campaign for better immigrant rights, the Village Voice reports. The activists, who were undocumented immigrants, were arrested after ignoring police warnings to move from blocking an intersection.