Diversity Roundup: Demographer Discusses the Blurring of Racial Divisions

Demographer Discusses Population Trends, Diversity: Immigration to the U.S. will continue to be a large force in the nation's demographic shifts and swells of population growth, according to demographer William Frey as reported on by USA Today. Frey discusses how globalization and diversity--largely fueled by the interracial connections provided by younger generations--could potentially erase many of the racial divisions that exist today.

Number of Women Candidates for Office Surges to New Record
: A record number of women have been nominated for U.S. Senate and House race set to be decided in November, Reuters reports. In total, Democrats and Republicans have nominated 181 women, breaking the record of 141 set in 2004.

UCLA Cancels Dream University Program: The University of California-Los Angeles is shutting down its proposed National Dream University, citing procedural issues and lack of approval by administration officials, LA Weekly reports. The online program would have given out-of-state undocumented students who would been eligible for California's version of the Dream Act a chance at higher education.

Documentation for Deferred Action Leaves Applicants Confused
: Requirements from the deferred-action program has sent most young illegal immigrants scrambling for documentation proving their life in the U.S., a daunting task for many who spent years living under the radar, the Washington Post reports. Many applicants say it is unclear what qualifies for documentation while critics say the lack of uniformity leaves the program wide open for fraud.