Diversity Roundup: Deferred Immigrants Won't Qualify for Health Policy

Los Angeles School Flooded with Records Requests for Illegal Immigrants: The Los Angeles school district--second-largest in the nation--has been flooded with requests for documentation that could potentially make up to 200,000 current and former students eligible for the Obama administration's deferred-action program, the Associated Press reports.

Conservative Group Targets Nevada Hispanics with Ads: An advocacy group has launched a new wave of Spanish and English ads criticizing President Obama's social positions, which it maintains are too liberal for the traditionally religious, conservative Latino voting bloc, National Journal reports. The ads, which will target Latinos in Nevada, were launched by Nevada Hispanics, an education outreach initiative by the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles.

Feds Rule Deferred Immigrants Don't Get Insurance Coverage: The same illegal immigrants who qualify for the Obama administration's deferred-action program would not be eligible for subsidies to purchase health insurance after officials ruled that the young immigrants would be excluded from the definition of "lawfully present" residents who qualify for the health care policy, the New York Times reports.

How dependent is the stock market on demographic shifts in the U.S.? Roben Farzad, for Bloomberg Businessweek, investigates recent claims that aging boomers have contributed to the growing deflation as the Feds fight a losing battle against deflation. Farzad takes a look at one memo that says the upcoming generation--those born between the early 1980s and 1990s--are reaching an age where they are primed for equity funds.