Diversity Roundup: Border Patrol Scraps Mexico Flights for Illegal Immigrants

U.S. Scraps Mexico Flights for Illegal Immigrants: The Border Patrol has stopped providing free flights home for Mexicans who were caught entering the country illegally during the summer after low arrests rates made the costs difficult to justify continuing, the Associated Press reports. The flights were offered as a humanitarian means to send migrants back home without risking their lives during the hot summer desert days and have cost taxpayers close to $100 million.

Study Shows Barriers for Minorities in Higher Education Still Exist
: Poverty, lack of resources and lack of access to educational support are still major barriers to minority enrollment in higher education, according to an analysis as reported on by the Philadelphia Tribune. Other factors include equal access to funding--including major disparities between funding for schools with predominantly white students and schools with minority-majority and school violence.

Chicago Teachers Strike Sends Officials Scrambling to Care for Kids: Chicago teachers went on strike this morning after contract negotiations between school officials and union leaders failed over the weekend, sending the district scrambling to provide care for the 400,000 students, many of whom depend on schools for free meals, the Associated Press reports. The strike is the district's first in 25 years, and have left many working parents worried about their children's care during the day.

Bilingualism Makes a Splash at Conventions: Spanish one-liners were prominent throughout both political conventions, a nod toward the rising power of the Latino voting bloc and the prominence of key Latino politicians including Florida's Republican Sen. Marco Rubio and Democratic San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, NPR reports.

Some GOPers Seek New Approach to Immigration Reform
: Guest-worker programs and pathways to legal status are phrases beginning to work their way into conversations of some Republicans who are looking for alternative approaches to immigration reform in contrast to the typically harsh enforcement stances their party has been known for, the Arizona Republic reports.