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The Democratic Convention is over and everyone is either fired up, ready to go, or still hungover. But after throwing such an awesome party, it's time to pay the tab. For the Democrats, they're stuck with a $15 million bill still outstanding. 

Bloomberg reports the party's been left with such a steep morning-after bill because they didn't reach their planned $36.7 million fundraising budget because the convention refused to take cash donations from corporations. Organizers opened a $10 million line of credit from Duke Energy Corp. and still came $5 million short of their fundraising goal, hence the $15 million bill. The party is already short on money, in comparison to the Romney campaign, leading into the election's home stretch. If you thought Obama was sending a lot of fundraising emails before, well. 

"They should be relieved to be in that range," said Mike Dino, executive director of the Democrats' 2008 convention, given the restrictions on corporate financing. The Republican convention allowed corporate contributions so they didn't have a problem with outstanding bills. Their only problems were with empty seats


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