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Jon Stewart knows the Democratic Party is super tolerant and sent his news team to the convention to find out just how inclusive and tolerant they really are last night on The Daily Show. The result: Democrats want to include everybody! Except for people in big corporations, people with guns, and rednecks, of course.

Democrats at the conventions said they are the party of tolerance and inclusion, they just don't want those "gun-toting hillbilly Tea Partiers." What are those Tea Partiers like, the correspondants asked?  Democrats told them that Tea Partiers carry guns, sport beer guts, are anti-science, can't understand thoughts longer than two sentences, and tend to make broad generalizations about other people. "I've always called them Nazis," said one man. "And evil. Even before it was appropriate, actually."

But Democrats aren't like that, they said. "This is so inclusive," said one woman, "we even let the redneck freaks in."


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