Crossroads GPS Hits Dems' Senate Candidates

The Republican-aligned Crossroads GPS is pouring $2.6 million into attack ads against Democrats in three battleground Senate races over the next week.

In Virginia, the group launched two different ads against former Gov. Tim Kaine, one for supporting a congressional budget that's now leading to defense cuts, and another alleging that, as governor, Kaine cut education funds.

In Nevada, where Democratic Rep. Shelley Berkley is criticizing GOP Sen. Dean Heller's support for Medicare cuts, a Crossroads ad turns the tables by accusing Berkley of being more dangerous to Medicare's future because she voted for President Obama's health care law.

And in Ohio, a football-themed ad features referees calling penalties on Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown's most unpopular votes. "Brown drops back, sacked for supporting the new $1 trillion health care law that cut $700 billion from Medicare spending!" a narrator says. "Voting with Obama 95 percent of the time: That's going to cost taxpayers $500 billion in new taxes."