Conservative Group Targets Nevada Hispanics in Wave of Spanish, English Ads

A conservative advocacy group has launched its latest wave of ads targeting Latino voters in Nevada with television and radio segments that attack President Obama for his positions on social issues.

The group has spent $46,000 on the ads, running through Oct. 1, said Alfonso Aguilar, executive director of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles.

Both Nevada Hispanics (the advocacy group releasing the ads, not the demographic) and the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles are projects of nonprofit group American Principles in Action. The groups encourage Hispanics to turn out and vote against the president, who the group maintains has failed to advance any immigration reform.

The two spots--one in Spanish, one in English--will start running on the top two Spanish-language radio and TV stations in Clark County. They assert that Obama's positions on social issues are out of step with the views of Latinos, who Aguilar said lean conservatively.

The transcript follows:

"We Latinos are a people of faith and family. And we are tired of having our votes taken for granted by politicians who don't share our values.
"President Obama has endorsed same-sex marriage.
"He favors unlimited abortion.
"He has even tried to force churches to violate their beliefs.
"President Obama is too radical. He does not share our values, he undermines them."

Nevada Hispanics launched an educational outreach effort in April that "encourage Latino voters to vote their values: family, freedom of religion, life," Aguilar said.

The group has a big hill to climb. According to a recent Gallup Poll, Hispanics by far support Obama over Republican nominee Mitt Romney, 64 percent to 27 percent.

Aguilar said that to reach Hispanics, Republicans must appeal to Hispanic voters in their communities and present them with their ideas.

"We have to really go after every single vote," he said. "That's the problem, Republicans haven't shown up. And Hispanics end up voting for Democrats because they haven't met any Republicans."

Nevada Hispanics has reached out to Hispanic voters in Clark and Washoe counties at markets, churches, and other community centers. The staff of six and 20 volunteers have contacted about 10,000 Hispanic voters in those counties.

The group may expand operations into Colorado as well, Aguilar said.