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Jay Carney's previous existence as Washington bureau chief for Time magazine hasn't been much of a problem for him as White House press secretary, but he did get tripped up today by an April 2008 column he wrote about "Barack Obama’s poorly-chosen words about small-town Americans." That column, referring to the infamous "bitter-gate" remark candidate Obama made at a San Francisco fundraiser, has been revived as the closest parallel to Mitt Romney's latest hidden-camera fundraiser comment about the 47 percent of Americans on the government dole. Naturally, as Politico's Byron Tau notes, reporters couldn't help but pepper him on his comments made back in the day:

A reporter quoted back a 2008 column to him — while he was a journalist at Time magazine — where Carney wrote that Obama's words were "poorly chosen."

"I don't remember that column," Carney said to laughter. "I honestly don't."

"I think the president, then candidate, addressed this at the time. This was four years ago. I think the broader point was that his message there and everyone in 2008, and going back to 2004 and every day since has been consistent," Carney said. 

Amnesia, always a great way to smooth over differences you once had with your current boss. Notably, that Time article wasn't the only time he referred to bitter-gate. As the Washington Examiner's Charlie Spiering notes, here's Carney in 2008 talking on an NBC panel about the "huge weakness" that was exposed by the incident:

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