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President Obama wasn't offended by the 12-minute performance art piece Clint Eastwood did at the Republican National Convention. He's still a big fan of the Man with No Name. 

USA Today's Susan Page asked the President on Saturday night for his thoughts on Eastwood's monologue. "I am a huge Clint Eastwood fan," he told her. "He is a great actor, and an even better director. I think the last few movies that he's made have been terrific." 

When asked if he was offended, Obama assured her that after four years in office he's developed thick skin. "One thing about being president or running for president — if you're easily offended, you should probably choose another profession," he said. He was also asked if there would be any kind of counter-point to the empty-chair speech at the Democratic National Convention, but Obama said no. "I think we'll be playing this pretty straight." Shame, we were hoping for a hologram of The Duke talking to an invisible Mitt Romney. 

It's not really surprising that Obama wasn't offended by the speech. He responded the day after with a "This seat's taken" tweet. Also, we'd like to know if Obama actually watched Hereafter.  

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