But What Does Hitler Think About the Secret Video?

If you're about to write in and say, (1) There have been a million of these recaptioned "Hitler Rant" videos taken from Downfall, so why do another one? Or (2) Hey, any connection between Hitler and democratic politics, or between Hitler and anything, is in questionable taste; let me spare you the trouble. I know!

But it has been a long time since one of these knock-offs actually made me laugh. This one did. (You have to click on the link; no embeddable video.)


See if your reaction is the same. If not, sorry! For me it is the conjunction of the normal campaign chalk-talk we're all awash in and the now-familiar Hitler Rant meme. I particularly treasure the ending.

Congrats on the creative talent deployed here, and to my friend JF MD for the tip.
The video includes a DC press in-joke but can be enjoyed without knowing anything about that.