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Anna Wintour must like her fund-raising like she likes her magazine: big. While her September issue of Vogue had 916 pages, her fundraising efforts yielded $2,682,001for Barack Obama in 2011 and 2012, making her the fourth largest "bundler" in this campaign season, according to data from the New York Times. Wintour has raised $5,448,371 for the president since 2007.  As a caveat, the Times notes: "The figures do not include contributions from the fund-raisers themselves and may not reflect all of the money they raised." So there might be more where that came from. 

Wintour, in addition to hosting fundraisers, has been a celebrity face of the Obama campaign in an ad ripe for GOP-lols, and there were rumors of an ambassadorship. (Despite Wintour's accent, she is a U.S. citizen.) As The Cut points out Wintour beats out other recognizable names like Jeffrey Katzenberg, Eva Longoria and Marissa Meyer. 

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