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Mitt Romney's been having troubles with numbers. He's been ridiculed for being a member of the 1 percent. And he's in trouble for ignoring the '47 percent.' On Wednesday night, he focused on speaking to 'the 100 percent.'

Speaking with Univision in Florida, the host asks Romney to respond to the '47 percent' remarks and the comments about Latino voters from the Mother Jones video

He stressed his numbers during his answer. He makes sure to mention 'the 100 percent' three times during his answer. "First of all, this is a campaign about the 100 percent," Romney told him. "Over the last several years you’ve seen greater and greater divisiveness in this country. We had hoped to come back together.  But instead you’ve seen us pull apart.  And politics has driven us apart in some respects. So my campaign is about the 100 percent of America. And I’m concerned about them."

While never directly addressing the video, or addressing the half of the question about Latino voters, Romney assured him he wasn't expecting to pitch a shut out in November. "I know I’m not going to get 100 percent of the vote, And my campaign will focus on those people we think we can bring in to support me," he said.

This is the latest campaign response to the fallout over the leaked video. Their original strategy was to point to a 1998 video that shows Obama saying he believes in redistribution. 

Talking Points Memo has video of Romney's answers here:

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