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We're three months away from election day and the President is taking the weekend off from the campaign trail. It is for a pretty good reason, though. He's turning 51. Happy Birthday, Mr. President.

He started his birthday off the same way every 51-year-old man does: with a round of golf. After  18 holes, he's apparently going to spend the weekend on a break at Camp David. There's no basketball tournament of the stars scheduled for this year. Just a quiet weekend away. There is, however, a fundraising bash planned for next week at the Obama family home in Chicago. The party is raising some eyebrows for being the first time they've opened up their home for a campaign event. But otherwise, Obama's been having some fun with getting old on the campaign trail. Daily Intel found this video of a crowd singing him 'happy birthday' at an event in Florida on Thursday:

We're inclined to agree with Michelle. The President doesn't look a day over 51. And 50 was a big year for him! He spent his time doing things like reading blogs and passing the Affordable Health Care Act, and now he just wants another term as President. We've asked our mother for more outlandish things on our birthday. His is a modest request. 

So we'll raise a glass and let Ms. Monroe do the honour of singing for the President on his special day. You don't want us doing it:

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