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The State Department under Hillary Clinton just keeps getting more fun: The memes, the dancing, and now a Dr. Seuss-style rhyme denying rumors Clinton may be quietly resisting White House pressure to replace Joe Biden as President Barack Obama's running mate.

The poetry credit goes to State Department spokesman Philippe Reines, who sent the verse below in response to an inquiry from The Weekly Standard's Daniel Halper, about a report in The Washington Examiner that Clinton "lunched" with an Obama aide trying to persuade her to join the ticket. We're grateful to Harper for sharing the response in full, so we won't reprint the whole thing here, but can you resist reading it after this opening stanza?

This did not happen
They did not have lunch
They did not have any meal
They did not meet this month

Read the poem in full at The Weekly Standard for a decidedly negative conclusion about author Ed Klein, who supplied the lunch tip to the Examiner's Paul Bedard in the first place.

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