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The Republican National Convention a place for speeches, weather anxiety and...hotties? That's what one might think based on a magazine dropped in gift bags: Alas, the "young delegates" featured in Bay Pop's Fall Issue are just models. 

Bay Pop, a local lifestyle magazine, decided to run an Americana-themed fashion spread titled "The Young Delegates" to capture "the idea that there is this younger spirit involved," Bay Pop editorial director Jacquelynn Powers told The Atlantic Wire. "We just see this new era coming," she said. "Look at Paul Ryan, how young he is." The magazine — which Powers notes is "bipartisan" — has been dropped in media giftbags. 

The reaction from media folk have been bemused. Salon's Irin Carmon tweeted the cover: 

Alex Pareene from the same publication just wrote: 

Inside the magazine more young'ns with strong jaws and nice skin frolic: 

Of course there are actual young delegates at the convention, the youngest being Evan Draim, a 17-year-old from Virginia. In a photo in The Washington Post he appears to be modeling a coral-colored polo of some sort with a grey undershirt. 

"Obviously we're glamorizing the whole thing," Powers said of the spread. 

If the spread is just too fantastical for you, you can turn to The Hill's "most beautiful" list (wherein Democrats match Republicans for glamor this year) or, we guess, you can take another gander at that topless photo of Paul Ryan.

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