What If Congress Was Dissolved? A Low-Budget Daydream From 1947--VIDEO

National Journal

Mr. Williams is fed up with Congress. For one, the governing body can't seem to build a post office within walking distance to his house. It's a mile a way for goodness' sake.

"I don't care a hang who gets to Congress," Mr. Williams says to a friend who compels him to vote in the upcoming election. "What's Congress ever given me except a lot of trouble? "¦ You know what I think? I think we'd all be better off if there wasn't any Congress."

After a flurry of bubbles, the man gets his wish, beginning a daydream where Congress has been suspended indefinitely. What does Mr. Williams find in the world without Congress? No consistent money, no stamps, and a dark world filled with frustrations. And, apparently, without Congress everyone speaks in campy, ghostlike voices.

Watch this 1947 instructional film from the Prelinger Archives:

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