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Representative Todd Akin quickly recorded and released a new web ad this morning, which suggests that despite numerous calls from fellow Republicans to do so, he is not not dropping out of his race for the U.S. Senate. Akin has until the end of the day Tuesday to take his name off the ballot without causing any trouble for himself or the party, but so far he has given every indication that he has no plans to fight it out.

In the ad, posted by Politico, Akin apologizes for using "the wrong words" and asks for "forgiveness" saying that "Rape is an evil act." Akin concedes that rape can lead to pregnancy, and concludes by saying "The mistake I made was in the words I said, not in the heart I hold."

What Akin doesn't mention is his stance on actual abortion policy, which apparently remains unchanged, including not offering exceptions for rape victims. Even in a poll taken after his comments went public, his race against Senator Claire McCaskill remains competitive and may still have a better chance of unseating her than any Republican that the party can together at the last minute. The only question now is if the party will make good on its promise to withhold financial support and if it will make any difference to Missouri voters.

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