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When Sandra Fluke became a household name after Rush Limbaugh called her a "slut" for testifying in favor of requiring insurance to cover contraception, right-wing conspiracy theorists howled that she was a Democratic operative. Now she kind of is. She's not the sneaky, start-a-national-debate-that-makes-Republicans-look-bad operative some commenters on Free Republic suspected, but rather the kind that appears with the president on campaign stops because she famously supported his policy and became a symbol of the Republicans' so-called war on women. Politico reported on Tuesday, via the Denver Post, that Fluke would introduce Obama at a Wednesday campaign event in Denver. It's not exactly the insidious collaboration she's been accused of: Fluke told NewsBeast about one rumor that said "I changed my last name to Fluke, which means a random occurrence, to make it seem less like the administration and Democrats had planted me." But seeing as how Obama called Fluke personally at the height of her right-wing demonization, an endorsement and a campaign introduction seem like a nice return.

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