Super PAC Backs Controversial Candidate

Liberty for All, a super PAC with ties to Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, is wading into the contentious Republican primary in the district recently vacated by Michigan Republican Thaddeus McCotter. The libertarian group is backing Kerry Bentivolio over former state Sen. Nancy Cassis, who was recruited by party leaders to wage a write-in campaign for the GOP nomination.

McCotter's late retirement announcement left Bentivolio as the only Republican candidate on the primary ballot, but local GOP leaders worry that Bentivolio will have trouble winning the general election. A reindeer farmer and Santa Claus impersonator, Bentivolio has come under attack for his role in a film in which a George W. Bush-like president lies in a coma after orchestrating the Sept. 11 attacks.

The super PAC has spent $117,579 on robo-calls and mailers for Bentivolio's campaign. The group also has reserved $200,000 in air time for television ads, according to the Detroit Free Press.

That level of spending in a House primary makes winning as a write-in challenger an even more daunting task.

The primary is on Aug. 7.