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Tropical Storm Isaac is predicted to turn into a hurricane tonight, and it looks like it'll be hitting Tampa on Monday night—possibly around the time when Ann Romney is set to take the stage at the Republican National Convention.  Here's the path of Isaac according to Accuweather: 

And a more detailed one from Weather Underground:

The New York Times' assistant managing editor, Jim Roberts, made the observation on Twitter that if Isaac follows the path above, it would hit Tampa late Monday night and could possibly disrupt Ann Romney's speech which is slated for 10:30 p.m. Of course since we can't control hurricanes, thing could always change and Isaac could skip Ann's speech altogether (like network television might), or hit earlier, hit later, or not hit at all. As we mentioned yesterday, Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn has already said he wouldn't hesitate in calling off the convention if Isaac is a serious threat. And there are scary precautionary measures like FEMA (for better or worse) reportedly readying federal aid for Florida in preparation for the storm. Before Isaac even hits Florida, it's expected to go through the southeastern tip of Cuba, and The Washington Post's Julie Tate reports that officials have already evacuated staff members from Guantanamo Bay and have delayed hearings for at least five 9/11 detainees. Of course, as time passes we'll get better at predicting where and when Isaac will hit ... Or you could always go with Accuweather "let's play it safe" route and just draw a big circle showing the "impact" of Isaac: 

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