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For the second month in a row, Mitt Romney and the Republican National Committee raised more than $100 million, as they announced July's total at $101.3 million on Monday, before the Obama campaign and Democrats released theirs. Since we only have one candidate's total it's hard to compare them, obviously, but the $101.3 million Romney raised keeps his campaign's income roughly on pace with June, when he and the Republicans raised $106 million, and President Barack Obama and the Democrats raised $71 million

The numbers Romney's campaign released tell us a bit about where his money is coming from: While 94 percent of his July donors gave $250 or less, the total of their donations came to $25.7 million, meaning the bulk of his funding is still coming from large donors. The campaign has $185.9 million cash on hand, but it didn't say how much of that will be set aside for the general election. "That is money he cannot tap until month's end when he is formally nominated at his party's convention in Tampa," USA Today's Fredreka Schouten explains. Donations came in from all 50 states, Romney's campaign said.

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