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CBS announced Sunday morning that the Romney-Ryan tag team will do their first television appearance together on Sunday's episode of 60 Minutes. The interview will be hosted by recent Romney antagonist/interviewer Bob Schieffer. 

CBS announced the interview will be taped in High Point, N.C. and will be ready to air for Sunday night's broadcast. The New York Times' Brian Stelter reports that the interview was a very last minute affair. Schieffer was still en route to High Point when the interview was announced. The show doesn't normally air new episodes during the summer, but they're subbing this segment into tonight's broadcast. 

It's interesting that Scheiffer is the one who got the first joint interview with Romney and Ryan. He's had a tumultuous relationship with the Romney campaign this year. He called out Romney on Face the Nation for not coming on any of the Sunday talk shows but Fox News Sunday, which led to him getting Romney's first non-Fox interview. Then Schieffer was mad after the Romney campaign used clips of him in one of their ads without clearing it with him first. The more upset he gets with them, the more bookings they do together. 

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