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It's getting harder and harder to come up with new, romantic venues for surprise public marriage proposals, and while popping the question during sound-check at the Republican National Convention certainly counts as novel, it's hardly romantic. We're not calling the RNC unromantic because it's the RNC. Hey, if you were a Republican diehard, Tampa in late August might as well be Paris in June. But 32-year-old Bradley Thompson and his new fiancé Laura Bowmann, both from Brooklyn, aren't at the convention because of their politics, they're there for work. That is decidedly less exciting. Thompson is a production manager and Bowmann a production coordinator, and they wouldn't even share with ABC News what their politics were. Bowmann said in an interview with BuzzFeed, "I thought something was fishy when he said there was a sound problem." That was Thompson's ruse to get her on stage with him. "There never is, on this job." Oh well, at least she said yes. Thompson said he thought it would be cute, and it kind of is, in an incredibly dorky way, as you can see in the video:

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