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Both candidate claims their proposals are better for Americans, but Obama's plans will benefit more of them, according to data analysis by statisticians at, as laid out in an interactive map showing a geographical breakdown.

The result: Lots and lots of blue to represent Obama. The glimmers of red represent places where Romney plans will benefit Americans. 

The non-partisan group used policies from the candidates' websites, data from the Census Bureau and the IRS, and tax theories from the Tax Foundation to create the interactive.

You can enter your zip code on Politify's site to see which candidates' plan will benefit you more. Politify says it "is setting out to solve one of the oldest problems in democracy: which candidate best serves our individual interests?"

Note: The map doesn't account for population density. But looking at Politify's national breakdown, Obama still wins with 69.8 percent of households benefiting from his plans, compared to 30.2 percent of households benefiting from Romney's plans:

If all politics is local, then, the interactive at Politify can help you sort out the impact of each candidate on where you live. 

Go to Politify's site to explore more.

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