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It's nice to get an atta-boy, especially after a tough week, especially from the president, so the tweet from President Barack Obama reaffirming his support for Vice President Joe Biden had to feel good. Biden's been in the hot seat recently after his comment to Virginia voters last week that Republicans and big banks were going to "put y'all back in chains," and with persistent unfounded stories floating about the White House considering swapping in Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for Obama's re-election running mate, Biden can't have been feeling great about his role in this campaign. To mark the anniversary of his announcement of Biden as running mate, Obama himself (that's what the "-bo" means) tweeted:

Does it matter that the missive came a couple hours after Biden's own Twitter reminiscing? The vice president had earlier posted this photo of him and Obama making it official:

Well, whether the president was prompted or not, at least they're still bros.

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