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We suspect that it is difficult to sustain sincere enthusiasm at event after event when you're giving the same speech in the same states to what must feel like the same people every day. It must be hard to constantly convey you're really "into it" on the campaign trail. (Even the die-hard at left didn't look that excited the whole time President Obama was speaking in Iowa August 13.) 

Could the president be, you know, faking it? Perhaps Obama is overcompensating with cartoonish expressions of surprise to cover up for some feelings of boredom. These looks almost always come not during speeches, but when he knows he's being photographed talking to voters, especially kids, or when he's doing staged "fun" things like spelling Ohio with some fans.

There was the moment Tuesday, pictured above, when he was shaking hands with supporters in Reno. Here's a close-up of his eyebrows:

He looks cartoonishly animated, but not sincerely happy. Or there was the moment Wednesday, when he was reacting to supporters in a Las Vegas high school, that he looked too surprised:

Maybe a teenager said something weird?

Obama was surprised to walk out of the White House with his family August 19:

This was a more pleasant surprise, however:

But he had a less natural looking surprise face when talking to children at the Iowa State Fair August 13.

His excitement about being photographed putting his shoes back on after meeting Olympic wrestlers August 9 did not seem 100 percent genuine:

And he was too-enthusiastic-to-be-real at an August 9 rally in Pueblo, Colorado:

Obama reportedly does not like to campaign. Is his distaste showing even as he tries to look like he's having a blast?

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