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It seems all cute and quirky and fun that President Obama's campaign emailed supporters four GIFs of the president giving fans high-fives. But do not be fooled. This is like the days in 2006 when the first old people started getting on Facebook. It seemed so cute at the time to see someone like, say, former Nebraska Sen. Bob Kerrey hanging out with the college kids. But it was the begining of the parent invasion. Five years later, Facebook feeds are filled with parents. Parents not getting jokes, parents shocked by party photos, grandparents writing on restaurants' Facebook pages.

"Thanks for being a part of this campaign," the Obama email says. "Let's go win this thing." But if you read the email in text format, the caption reads, "The President gives too many fives for one GIF. One for you for you. ...and one for you!" Just because the GIFs are well-executed does not mean they're not a sign of peak GIF. Here are the GIFs in all their animated glory:


Your aunt who forwards those Obama conspiracy theory emails? She might have never realized GIFs went out of style before they came back in. But now we know that someday, instead of a winking smiley, she'll sign her emails with that Dawson's Creek crying GIF.

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