President Barack Obama pauses as he answers questions from members of the media, Monday, Aug. 20, 2012, in the White House briefing room in Washington. National Journal

In an interview with the Associated Press published on Saturday, President Obama said Mitt Romney has taken up "extreme positions" on issues such as tax cuts, linking his rival to an unpopular Congress.

"What I can say is that he has signed up for positions, extreme positions, that are very consistent with positions that a number of House Republicans have taken," Obama said. "And whether he actually believes in those or not, I have no doubt that he would carry forward some of the things that he's talked about."

Throughout the interview, the president stressed the idea that he, and not Mitt Romney, would be the best candidate for the middle class, and implied that Romney has not made any "serious proposals" to help average families.

"Governor Romney's policies would make things worse for middle-class families and offer no prospect for long-term opportunity for those striving to get into the middle class," he said.

If reelected, the president said he's "prepared to make a whole range of compromises" with Republicans to move the country forward.

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