No One Wants to Claim Responsibility for Clint Eastwood

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The repercussions of Clint Eastwood's utterly wackadoodle speech have already hit, as The New York Times' Michael Barabo and Jeremy W. Peters reports that at least a few Mitt Romney aides are making sure that everyone know they were not the one who approved that disaster.

"Finger-pointing quickly ensued, suggesting real displeasure and even confusion over the handling of Mr. Eastwood’s performance, which was kept secret until the last minute," Barbaro and Peters write, describing the scene within the Romney camp. But the truth, while no one is quick to admit it, is that (at one point) someone thought putting Eastwood up there was a great idea. "A senior Republican involved in convention planning said that Mr. Eastwood’s appearance was cleared by at least two of Mr. Romney’s top advisers, Russ Schriefer and Stuart Stevens," they write. And Stevens himself tells The Times, "He spoke from the heart with a classic improv sketch which everyone at the convention loved." Everyone? Really

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