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Mitt Romney is but a man. He is no better than you or I, despite his much larger checking account. He falls victim to human perils from time to time, like leaving his homework to the last minute. Yes, Mitt Romney is a procrastinator. 

Romney told conservative talk host Hugh Hewitt on Friday that he still doesn't have his big speech ready for the Republican National Convention. He said it's in an "early stage," but he doesn't have it nailed down yet. He has less than a week to finish it! He even asked Hewitt for extra help. We've used the "early stage" excuse before, too. That was back when our English teacher asked how our term essay was coming a few days before deadline. A hint for teachers: if a student tells you their work is in an "early stage," it means they sort-of thought about doing it while watching Family Guy the night before, but that's about it. 

Mitt needs to buckle down and get that speech finished. He's speaking in front of the entire party. He has to finish it, revise it and practice it, all by Thursday night. We realize, in reality, the speech will be revised and rewritten roughly 300 times before Thursday night, but it's still fun to think of Romney as a procrastinator.

Ann, though. She's the one who has her homework done. Her speech is all ready despite getting an extra day's extension to go over it. They moved her speech from Monday to Tuesday so she wouldn't get bumped by a Hawaii Five-O rerun, or interrupted by a hurricane/tropical storm. Romney said he helped Ann "a little bit, not much," while she was writing her speech, but that's no excuse, Mitt. You're responsible for your own homework, not Ann's.

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