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For a while, it seemed like Mitt Romney couldn't get anyone in Hollywood to give him some love. But he scored a big win at a fundraiser in Idaho on Friday night when he got an endorsement from the "man with no name," Clint Eastwood. 

Mitt called Eastwood to the podium at an event Friday night where the actor "made his day" by officially endorsing him in the election. Eastwood remembers hearing about the Governor for the first time in 2000 while he was in Massachusetts shooting Mystic River.

He thought Romney was too handsome at first. "I said, 'God, this guy is too handsome to be governor, but he does look like he could be president.' As the years have gone by, I'm beginning to think even more so that," Eastwood said. 

Romney's struggled to get endorsements from big names in Hollywood. The most recognizable name he's been endorsed by is either Jon Voight or Kid Rock, depending on your audience. And Eastwood has a strange history with politics. His 'Halftime in America' Superbowl ad sure seemed like an endorsement of President Obama's time in office so far. It even drew the ire of some conservatives, but Eastwood denied that the ad had any political lean.

But that's all in the past. Clint gave Mitt some love on Friday night. "It's now more important than ever that we need Gov. Romney and I'm going to be voting for him as I know most of you will be," he said

Romney was feeling lucky when he got back up to the podium. "He just made my day. Wow," he said.

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