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Linda McMahon won her GOP Senate primary on Tuesday night after spending almost ten times as much as her opponent, but the astronomical, unbelievable number is how much she's spent trying to get elected so far: $61 million. When McMahon ran for Senate in 2010, she broke state records for out-of-pocket spending when the former WWE executive coughed up $50 million of her own fortune and still lost to Democrat Richard Blumenthal by 12 points. This time around, McMahon spent over $11 million dollars to defeat former Rep. Chris Shays, who only spent about $1.2 million. She tombstoned Hays at the polls Tuesday night, beating him with 73 percent of the vote. (Note: the wrestling puns were way worse the first time she ran.) McMahon gets to take on Democrat Chris Murphy for the chance to win Joe Lieberman's vacated Senate seat. So, there's only more to come. We just hope she thinks it's worth it.

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