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After Joe Biden used a crass slavery analogy, some said the campaign season had reached a new low, but Jon Stewart had news for those people last night on The Daily Show: If you really think that's low, you clearly haven't been following the campaign. Mitt Romney, for example, told Obama to take his anger "back to Chicago." "As a general rule, I find it helpful to not frame a plea for national unity by insulting a major city within that nation," Stewart said. "Second, are the Republicans really in any moral high ground position on the issue of divisive anger and hate vis-à-vis their opponent?"

They're all about divisive rhetoric, Stewart said. Chicago isn't the only place within the United States that Republicans dislike: New York, Hollywood, Martha's Vineyard, and Berkeley, which one pundit calls "a communist place." And conservatives seem to be blind to their own angry words. Case in point: Sarah Palin, who asks a news person to name one prominent Republican who talks like Joe Biden. "Let me ask you a question," Stewart said. "Does the lake behind you have reflective properties? If so, you may find the answer to your riddle."


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