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Jon Stewart went after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid again last night on The Daily Show for the senator's accusation that Mitt Romney hasn't paid taxes. Reid told the floor that the word is out, and that it's time for Romney to prove it. But wait: Reid is the one who put the word out in the first place, Stewart said. "What are you, a one man Mormon Blabbernacle Choir?" Stewart said we only need to look at Romney's past deals to see his tax problem, anyway. Take a look at a telephone book company deal with the Italian government. Bain Capital bought the company then sold it back at a much higher value. To do the deal, Bain channeled money through Luxembourg, "a country that exists solely as the world's financial dialysis machine," Stewart said. The Romney campaign saw the tax-evasion as proof of Romney's qualification to be president. Stewart: "See, America? We don't need fundamental changes in our policy making mechanics or rebuilding of our infrastructure! We just need better accountants." 


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