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The Daily Show returned last night, live from Tampa, and Jon Stewart checked in with the correspondents—discovering that Tampa was the perfect place for the Republican National Convention.

John Oliver explained that the city is "a perfect symbol of what Obama has done to America. In just three and a half years, this once bustling metropolis is a wind and rain soaked foreclosed shell of itself," where residents struggle to protect their meth lab equipment. Jessica Williams says she's glad the convention is in Tampa, highlighting the fact that the storms, the hurricane—it's all part of Obama's America and "an explosion of gay marriage."

And of course, Jason Jones reports from a location that proves mom-and-pop businesses have gone under: one of Tampa's many strip clubs, which have surely replaced small businesses under the Obama administration. "Where once were churches and mom-and-pop pie stores," Jones said as a blonde stripper gives him a lap dance, "now you have a very different kind of store....slinging a very different kind of pie."


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