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There's pretty gross stuff spewing from Donald Trump's Twitter account this morning, as the comb-overed real estate mogul unleashed on Arianna Huffington calling her "unattractive" and the reason why "her husband left her for a man." Here's Trump's tweet from this morning:

It's hard to tell what triggered this flare of disgustingness, as the Donald Trump topic page on the Huffington Post is actually fairly sparse. The most recent story was a somewhat gleeful report about Trump's comedy bit getting canceled along with everything else on the Republican National Convention program for Monday. But they were hardly alone in reporting that the pitchman lost his platform (Politico and the Washington Post also took note.) It doesn't explain why he'd use it as an excuse to bring up Huffington's ex-husband Michael who came out in 1998 after their 11 year marriage ended in 1997. Earlier this month Trump did add the Huffington Post to his lengthy "loser list", saying its $315 million acquisition by AOL was a "stupid deal" after HuffPo writer Jack Mirkinson wrote a post about Trump's moodiness (growing pleas for attention).  But the Huffington Post report on Trump's cancellation did mention that Trump "encouraged Republicans to get nasty." This counts as nasty, we think. While we can't explain the why, or how, or what's going on in Trump's brain to fire off a remark like that, what we can tell you is that he's the Sarasota GOP's "Statesman of the year," folks. 

Update: 12:01 p.m.  Trump isn't through yet. He still won't explain why he unleashed the nastiness on Huffington but claims (yet still doesn't explain) that the attack is warranted. 

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