Why Ryan Won't Win Over the Hispanic Vote: Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan's name on the Republican presidential ticket won't boost support from the Hispanic voting bloc, despite his reputation as a culturally conservative, family-oriented Catholic--which tends to include most Hispanics, Politico reports. Ryan's voting record puts him in line with most Republican Congressmen who Hispanics have historically disengaged from, and current polling shows Hispanics falling behind President Obama in record numbers.

Army General Comes Out: Tammy Smith became the military's first openly gay Army general, becoming the most senior military figure who is out, the Atlantic Wire reports. What was remarkable however was that Smith's coming out was completely unremarkable--perhaps a sign of changing times, the Atlantic Wire notes.

As Dreamers Look for Deferrals, Scammers Look for Easy Targets: Law enforcement officials are warning immigrants to be wary of so-called "notarios" offering legal services to help navigate Obama's two-year deportation deferral program, NBC News reports. Notarios can charge high fees to offer legal services that illegal immigrants may not need or that they may not even be authorized to give. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy takes effect today.

New Jersey Kids Win Settlement from School: Seven students at a New Jersey elementary school won a $500,000 settlement against the school after the principal allegedly forced 15 students to eat on the gymnasium floor, NBC News reports. The students, who were Hispanic, were part of a bilingual class with African-American students who allegedly were taunting them as they ate from tables.

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