Treasury May Require Contractors with More Diversity: The Treasury Department has introduced a proposal that would require hiring contractors who make "good faith efforts" to include more minorities and women in its ranks, the Washington Business Journal reports. The proposal would ensure the federal agency is in compliance with the Dodd-Frank act, passed in July 2010, which includes a provision with diversity requirements.

Minorities Rising in Radio, Television News: Minorities working in radio and television news has increased by a percentage point from 2011, to 21.5 percent in television and four percent to 11.7 percent in radio, according to a survey as reported on by the Huffington Post. Fox affiliates boasted the highest number of minority employees at 28.2 percent, while NBC had the lowest at 17.4 percent.

Schools with High-Minority Populations Receive Less Funding: Schools with high populations of minorities receive an average of $733 less per student in funding because of a loophole in federal school funding laws, according to a Center for American Progress analysis as reported on by Voxxi. On average, schools with 90 percent or more population of minorities could stand to see more than a $443,000 increase in funds if spending were equal to similar white-majority schools, the report's authors found.

Obama's Paint-By-Numbers Campaign Approach: Whereas Republican challenger Mitt Romney has been focusing his campaign on economic issues, President Obama has been using a more specific approach by tailoring his speeches to specific demographic voting blocs, the Associated Press reports.

Jeb Bush: Immigration Message Is Hurting GOP: The Republican party needs to reevaluate its messaging on immigration if it hopes to attract more Hispanic voters, said former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, as reported on by the National Journal. Bush suggested adjusting the tone and intensity of the party's line toward immigration, shifting the focus toward economic growth instead of the anti-immigrant rhetoric often used.

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