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S.C. Lawmaker Admits to Responding to Racist E-mail: South Carolina state Rep. Alan Clemmons, who authored the state's voter ID legislation that the Justice Department has called discriminatory, admitted to responding favorably to a racist e-mail he received in support of the law, McClatchy reports. A three-judge panel is considering whether the law, which forces residents to show a specific form of photo ID before voting, is in violation of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Clemmons admitted to replying through e-mail in agreeance with a supporter who used racially charged language to describe poor, black voters.

Ann Romney, Beacon to Women Voters: Ann Romney gave her first scripted speech last night at the Republican convention in support of husband Mitt, with her heartfelt speech underscoring her role as a mother, wife, baker and political activist, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Ann is widely seen as key to winning over women voters for her husband's campaign, which has been rocked by recent events over the so-called Republican "war on women." Full text of her speech | National Journal story

Youth Bands Together Against Arizona: Hundreds of young Latino activists, undocumented or otherwise, are banding together in Arizona to fight back against Gov. Jan Brewer's recent executive order prohibiting any state agency to provide public benefits for illegal immigrants, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Court Throws Out Texas Redistricting Plan: Texas' redistricting plan was thrown out by a federal court Tuesday, after the court found that the lines were drawn by the Republican-led legislature in order to discriminate against the political voice of minorities, the Washington Post reports. The three-judge panel said that Texas failed to prove that the state's redrawn congressional districts weren't drawn to discriminate against the growing minority population, including Latinos and African-Americans.

Hispanic Channel Raises $40M for Programming: NuvoTV, a cable channel that produces television programs for Latino audiences, raised $40 million to create a lineup of original English-language shows targeted to Latino audiences, the Huffington Post reports. The funds is an unprecedented amount dedicated to building a Latino audience and represents the growing focus of media industry executives on this valuable market.

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