Study Finds Diversity Programs for White Men Improves Workplace Culture: Diversity training aimed at white males shows a significant shift in workplace environments, according to a new study reported on by Human Resource Executive. The study found that diversity training targeted to white male managers made measurable differences in the way they took responsibility for inclusiveness and improved their abilities to address emotionally charged issues.

Most New Yorkers Think Their Police Favor Whites
: The majority of New Yorkers believe their police department favors whites over blacks, with 80 percent of African-Americans and a plurality, 48 percent, of white residents agreeing, according to a new poll by the New York Times. While many believe the NYPD favors one race over another, about 48 percent also believe the controversial "stop-and-frisk" tactic is a justifiable means to stemming gun violence.

Updates to Alabama, Georgia Immigration Lawsuits: A federal appeals court ruled a provision in Alabama's immigration law requiring public schools to check the citizenship status of its students to be unconstitutional, arguing that the requirement unlawfully singles out young illegal immigrants, the Associated Press reports. The same court upheld another provision in both Alabama and Georgia's immigration laws allowing police to demand citizenship documents from detained suspects. Georgia's law allowing the prosecution of individuals who knowingly harbor or transport an illegal immigrant during a crime remains blocked.

Testimony Reveals Muslim Spying Generated No Leads: Since enacting new controversial counterterrorism tactics six years ago, the New York Police Department have conceded that no new leads or investigations began as a result of it, the Associated Press reports. The Demographics Unit, a secret program designed to spy on Muslim neighborhoods and mosques with the hopes of detecting early warning signs for terrorism, was met with criticism as a civil rights violation when the AP unveiled its existence last year, but the NYPD has defended the program as central to the city's safety.

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