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Jobs Abound, But Education Hinders Applicants: Despite plenty of job openings in the U.S., the people who are closest to those jobs are also the most likely to lack the skills or education to quality, according to a new study as reported on by The Atlantic. Of the vacant jobs in the U.S., 43 percent require a bachelor's degree or more; only 24 percent are open for applicants without at least some higher education.

Feds Grant $75M in Funding to Help Youths Get Jobs: The Obama administration has announced $75 million in grant funding toward YouthBuild, a program that teaches construction skills to disadvantaged youths as they work toward a high school diploma or GED, the Huffington Post reports.

Judge: Florida's Voter Registration Restrictions Are "Probably" Unconstitutional: A federal judge is planning to grant a permanent injunction against Florida's limitations on voter registration groups because they are likely unconstitutional, Bloomberg reports.

Arpaio Wants a Medal for His Immigration Work: At a press conference with foreign journalists in Tampa, Fla., Sheriff Joe Arpaio--who is currently battling a civil-rights lawsuit against alleged discriminatory practices against Latinos--said he should be receiving a medal for his help "fighting illegal immigrant and drug cartels," the Huffington Post reports. Arpaio is head of the Maricopa County police department in Arizona, which is facing two lawsuits for its immigration enforcement, one from a coalition of civil-rights advocates and another from the Justice Department.

Revved Up Efforts to Include Women, Minority Entrepreneurs: Businesses have emerged to help women and minorities in their efforts to become entrepreneurs, including helping them navigate the world of venture capitalists and angel investors, the Wall Street Journal reports.

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