"Deporter-in-Chief"? A new Spanish-language ad, backed by a conservative Nevada-based group, unearths President Obama's deportation record in his first term in an attempt to raise doubts about his commitment to Hispanics and to immigration reform, ABC News reports. The Obama administration has deported 1.2 million immigrants so far--the most out of any president in history.

The Elusive Single Lady Vote: Although unmarried women largely voted for President Obama in the 2008 elections, their votes this year are less certain, marred by a weak economy, struggles to make ends meet and an overall disillusionment of the political process, the New York Times reports. Both campaigns have lacked messages focused on single women, instead depicting families--an act that some experts say has alienated the voting bloc, causing their turnout numbers to drop to a new low.

A Glass Ceiling for Overweight Women
: A new study indicates that weight bias against women in the C-suite may be contributing to an overall trend of thinner women making more money than heavier women, Forbes reports. Top male CEOs have overwhelmingly higher average body-mass index than women CEOs, suggesting that it's more acceptable to see an overweight male at the top, the study's researchers wrote.

California Minorities Show Support for Reducing Global Warming: A majority of African-American and Latino adults in California say they want the state to immediately work on reducing greenhouse emissions and gases rather than waiting for the economy to rebound, New American Media reports. Overall, 42 percent of California adults believe reducing global warming will increase job opportunities overall.

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