Diversity Roundup: ICE Agents Sue Obama Administration

ICE Agents Sue Obama Administration Over Immigration Policies: Ten agents from the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agency is suing their employer, alleging that they are being prevented from fully identifying and deporting illegal immigrants, USA Today reports. The agents say the Obama administration's orders to focus efforts on deporting dangerous illegal immigrants and the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy, granting work visas to eligible young illegal immigrants, are violating the Constitution and the law.

Latino Investors Lose $10 Million in Ponzi Scheme: Latino immigrants in New York say an elaborate Ponzi scheme, posing as a fruit and vegetable importing business has robbed them of at least $10 million, the New York Times reports. One expert calls these types of cases affinity frauds, where the suspects use elaborate methods to establish trust within a community to swindle would-be investors. Preying on Hispanic culture, community and language, the perpetrators in this case were believed to take advantage of immigrants' lack of English and financial knowledge to gain their trust.

The Math of Winning a Presidential Election: If President Obama can keep 80 percent of the minority vote, he needs just 40 percent of whites to clinch victory. That would mean Republican challenger Mitt Romney would need 61 percent of the white vote to claim presidency so long as they make up 74 percent of voters, the National Journal reports. The wildly different calculations reiterate just how deeply racial polarization has affected this election--one that is becoming slimmer and slimmer by the minute.

Is Your Race Affecting Your Sleep? Researchers say they are finding patterns that non-Hispanic whites tend to get better, longer sleep than people of other races, the New York Times reports. Researchers point to several studies that show the same results, including that blacks tend to be most likely to get shorter, restless sleep, though they maintain the research has not shown why the patterns are emerging.